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At Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC, our mission is to provide independent financial advisors with a dynamic platform that encourages growth and the ability to maintain true independence.

Independence is the key to providing superior service to clients and is the reason our principal owners founded the firm in 2007. After serving at large firms with product restrictions and compliance nightmares, our founding members wanted to provide independent advisors with flexibility, freedom, and the ability to offer an array of investment choices to their clients.

Mission Statement

Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC exists to help independent financial advisors succeed in serving the needs of their clients. We believe the financial needs of clients are best served by an independent financial advisor who has the objectivity and freedom to fulfill their clients’ needs by choosing the best products and services available.

Our Process

Our Home Office staff is ready to answer your questions.

Oh No!  All that paperwork to go through.

Jerry's tasks are never ending

Our History

Our Firm is built on a history of dedicated owners and principals.