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Product Offerings

As an independent advisor, your priority is to serve your client’s best interests at all times. At Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC, we want to help you accomplish this goal.

We offer an expansive array of investment products then you decide what’s best for your client, and use it. Should you discover a new product of interest, let us know. We’ll be happy to review it with the hopes of making it available as soon as possible. After all, we’re here to support you.

At Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC, we’ve built a strong relationship with National Financial Services, LLC to help you deliver the best brokerage product choices and services for your clients. By clearing your brokerage transactions through National Financial Services, LLC, we can help you drive growth, create efficiency and manage the risks associated with today’s fast-moving investment and trading environment.

The modest size of Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC allows us to maintain the integrity of our offerings — without exception.

We strive for the balance between regulatory requirements and the clients' needs. 

Jerry takes a minute to reflect on a new offering.

Private placements and alternative investments

While many firms restrict private placements and alternative investments, we believe in supporting the offerings that are best suited to your individual clients. That’s why we have a qualified team of due diligence officers dedicated to actively identifying and developing products for our platform.

We are ever mindful that a pleasant attitude carries through from top to bottom.

Trent finds a light moment while discussing one of our products..