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Technology Offerings

Technology is a significant component of every financial practice — including ours. In fact, our CEO, Jerry Dempsey, created a proprietary, compliance-approved, in-house record-keeping system. AdvisorLynx is a cloud-based software used to store all client, broker and compliance information, allowing advisors to access important documents from anywhere, 24/7.

In AdvisorLynx you will open accounts, submit new business, submit advertising, submit compliance notices to the Firm, upload required documents, find your commission statements, and review communications. The Firm assures information in AdvisorLynx is backed-up every 30 minutes on-site and off-site.   E-mail is archived by Smarsh. 

The other tools we offer will help you manage your entire book of business on the scale to fit your practice—without limits. And because you know your business better than anyone, we don’t force you into one type of technology.